Why the CE marking is not mandatory for re-used construction elements.

The first part of the study highlights the ambiguity of the concept of re-use in EU-Waste Framework legislation. In the current context of legal uncertainty, it explores why the CE marking is not mandatory for the operator who reintroduces re-used construction components on the market.
The second part of the study distinguishes between the legal rule and the technical standard in the construction sector. It highlights the challenges of the increasing interaction between these two types of regulatory instruments.

Table of contents :
A. A better framework for the re-use of products, no requirement for CE marking and an ad hoc evaluation system

  1. A better framework for the re-use of products
  2. The CPR system (Construction Products Regulation No 305/2011)
  3. The CE marking of re-used construction products: a voluntary approach

B. Rules and standards in the construction sector: what are we talking about?

  1. The legal rule
  2. The technical standard
  3. Legal rule versus technical standard

Summary table

See also Executive Summary in English on page 6.

Sophie Seys, for Rotor asbl