The BBSM tool is now online!

As a result of the WP10 of the BBSM project, the "material balance" tool allows you to quantify and compare different renovation strategies for three types of buildings: the middle-class house, the apartment building and the office building. You will be able to assess the impacts of these strategies on resource consumption and waste

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On February 8th 2018, Rotor organized a lecture as part of the launch event of the book Déconstruction et réemploi. Comment faire circuler les éléments de construction, resulting from research carried out in workpackage 1/inspirational document.

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BBSM meeting – February 22, 2018

Meeting BBSM Bruxelles February 22, 2018 Discover the presentations made during the event ! Introduction Welcome Prof. Sergio Altomonte - UCL (EN-FR). Presentation of ERDF Programming Sandrine De Meyer (FR) – ERDF Unit. >> Presentation of the BBSM Project and About the 3 Topics of

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Re-use and CE marking – Rotor – WP7 – December 2017

Why the CE marking is not mandatory for re-used construction elements. The first part of the study highlights the ambiguity of the concept of re-use in EU-Waste Framework legislation. In the current context of legal uncertainty, it explores why the CE marking is not mandatory for the operator who reintroduces re-used construction components on

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