ONLINE SEMINAR – source de nouveaux matériaux Outils, connaissances et perspectives pour le réemploi et le recyclage des matériaux de construction à Bruxelles

Le projet BBSM, financé par FEDER, réunit quatre partenaires autour d’une même mission : démontrer que les matériaux en fin de vie peuvent constituer de nouvelles ressources et que leur réintroduction dans de nouveaux cycles a un impact positif sur le développement durable de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Ce séminaire de clôture vise à

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« Benelux builds circular »

Waldo Galle (VUB) presents some results of the research at the "Benelux builds circular" event :"Benelux builds circular":     "Circular building design: Opportunity, or yet another constraint ?"

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On March 3, Emilie Gobbo (UCLouvain) presents all of the progress and deliverables of the BBSM project at Rhizome, a group of eco-construction professionals who undertake to carry out construction sites and projects respectful of the environment and human relationships.

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An article in the BBRI-Contact of January 2020

An article on "The reuse of building materials and components: How to justify their technical performance for a new use?” appears in the BBRI-Contact of January 2020 (NL, FR). >> in French >> in Dutch

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Building a Circular Economy

What is "circular construction" and what does the transition from the sector to a use of materials in closed circuits imply ? We have just published two new guides for circular construction for all building stakeholders. Discover 16 architectural qualities of a circular built environment, each quality is illustrated by projects carried out mainly

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Emilie Gobbo presents the methodology applied to material balances in the framework of the second colloquium of the Foundational Economy Collective Socio-ecological economic transitions: Making space for the foundational economy organized by COSMOPOLIS (VUB) on September 9th and 10th at Pespective Brussels.

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CISBAT Lausanne

Emilie Gobbo presents a material balance comparison for different renovation strategies on the Maison Bourgeoise type at the international conference CISBAT 2019 Climate Resilient Cities - Energy Efficiency & Renewables in the Digital Era. More information on CISBAT conference website Link to the conference article

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Article Vers l’avenir

The BBSM project is the subject of an article in the newspaper Vers l'Avenir in its summer series of July 17, 2019. >> To see the article

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On June 20, 2019, the second BBSM meeting will take place, in a smaller committee this time. The project and its state of progress are presented before the organization of two parallel workshops on renovation strategies and valorisation channels. Presentations and proceedings of the workshops are available below. 9 :15 – Accueil 9 :30

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