The BBSM tool is now online!

As a result of the WP10 of the BBSM project, the "material balance" tool allows you to quantify and compare different renovation strategies for three types of buildings: the middle-class house, the apartment building and the office building. You will be able to assess the impacts of these strategies on resource consumption and waste

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ONLINE SEMINAR – source de nouveaux matériaux Outils, connaissances et perspectives pour le réemploi et le recyclage des matériaux de construction à Bruxelles

Le projet BBSM, financé par FEDER, réunit quatre partenaires autour d’une même mission : démontrer que les matériaux en fin de vie peuvent constituer de nouvelles ressources et que leur réintroduction dans de nouveaux cycles a un impact positif sur le développement durable de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Ce séminaire de clôture vise à

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« Benelux builds circular »

Waldo Galle (VUB) presents some results of the research at the "Benelux builds circular" event :"Benelux builds circular":     "Circular building design: Opportunity, or yet another constraint ?"

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On March 3, Emilie Gobbo (UCLouvain) presents all of the progress and deliverables of the BBSM project at Rhizome, a group of eco-construction professionals who undertake to carry out construction sites and projects respectful of the environment and human relationships.

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An article in the BBRI-Contact of January 2020

An article on "The reuse of building materials and components: How to justify their technical performance for a new use?” appears in the BBRI-Contact of January 2020 (NL, FR). >> in French >> in Dutch

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Building a Circular Economy

What is "circular construction" and what does the transition from the sector to a use of materials in closed circuits imply ? We have just published two new guides for circular construction for all building stakeholders. Discover 16 architectural qualities of a circular built environment, each quality is illustrated by projects carried out mainly

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Emilie Gobbo presents the methodology applied to material balances in the framework of the second colloquium of the Foundational Economy Collective Socio-ecological economic transitions: Making space for the foundational economy organized by COSMOPOLIS (VUB) on September 9th and 10th at Pespective Brussels.

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CISBAT Lausanne

Emilie Gobbo presents a material balance comparison for different renovation strategies on the Maison Bourgeoise type at the international conference CISBAT 2019 Climate Resilient Cities - Energy Efficiency & Renewables in the Digital Era. More information on CISBAT conference website Link to the conference article

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Article Vers l’avenir

The BBSM project is the subject of an article in the newspaper Vers l'Avenir in its summer series of July 17, 2019. >> To see the article

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